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Parry Sound Land Registry (NO. 42) Land Registry Office

Contact Information

Parry Sound Land Registry (NO. 42)
28 Miller Street
Parry Sound,Ontario
P2A 1T1
Phone: (705) 746-5816
Fax: (705) 746-6517

Title Searchers / Registry Agents that work out of this office:

Lisa Leva
ACCURATE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL Title Searcher with over 35 years experience. Providing a high quality standard of service for your real property searching needs for all Ontario LRO's. OAPSAR member, insured, references on reques
Ryman Titles Inc.
Fast, efficient, friendly service. Over 30 years experience searching and problem solving in the Parry Sound Registry Office. We know our way around! No job is too big or too small. We also will do sub searches for the general public.
40+ yrs title searching (residential, commercial) exp. for Ont. law firms, appraisers, surveyors. Worked for Ministry of Government Services, Realty Services Branch, Title Search Technician Queens Park Toronto. Errors and Omissions INSURED. Oapsor.
South Central Legal Administration Services
We are a free lance law clerk company located in Muskoka Ontario with over 25 years experience in all real estate matters including title searching, planning matters, condominium work and assistance with Tarion Warranty registration.
Speedy Search and Registry is a leading Title Search Company providing fast affordable title searches across Canada. Property titles are emailed to you within minutes of your order.

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More Information:

Parry Sound Municipalities

Municipality of Callander (status: Twp, formerly the Twp. of North Himsworth)
Municipality of Magnetawan (status: Twp)
Municipality of Powassan (status: Town)
Municipality of Whitestone (status: Twp)
Town of Kearney
Town of Parry Sound
Township of Armour
Township of Carling
Township of Joly
Township of Machar
Township of McDougall
Township of McKellar
Township of McMurrich/Monteith
Township of Nipissing
Township of Perry
Township of Ryerson
Township of Seguin
Township of Strong
Township of The Archipelago
Village of Burk's Falls
Village of South River
Village of Sundridge