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Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing

I have been title searching in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas since 1986 and have a vast range of experience both with Registry and Land Titles properties.
I am proficient with online searching using the Teraview software program, ONLAND, and TeranetExpress.
All searches include a computer formulated summary sheet, and all adjoining lands are colour coded for your convenience.
VP Conveyancing is insured against errors and omissions, and is claim free.

How to contact Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing

Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing

Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing
Pam Schaefer
19 Hoddle Crescent
Kitchener, Ontario
N2N 2N2

Phone: (519) 572-1445

Email: Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing at [email protected]

Services Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing Offers

  • Full Title Search - Land Titles at LRO
  • Full Title Search- 40 year registry search at LRO
  • Full Title Search - Remote Land Titles
  • Sub Searches - Land Titles at LRO
  • Sub Searches - Registry at LRO
  • Sub Searches - Remote Land Titles
  • Land Titles First Application Searches
  • Environmental Searches
  • Historical Searches
  • Easement Searches
  • Land Titles Conversion Qualified (LTCQ) to Land Titles Plus
  • Planning Act Searches
  • Registry Non- Converts

Registries Pam Schaefer/ V-P Conveyancing Works From

Registry Name Province
Waterloo Land Registry (NO. 58) Ontario
Simcoe Land Registry (NO. 51) Ontario
Lambton Land Registry (NO. 25) Ontario
Grey Land Registry (NO.16) Ontario
Elgin Land Registry (NO.11) Ontario
Halton Land Registry (NO.20) Ontario
Niagara North (NO. 30) and Niagara South (NO. 59) Land Registries Ontario
Metropolitan Toronto Land Registry (No. 64 & 66) Ontario
Brant Land Registry (NO.02) Ontario
Bruce Land Registry (NO. 03) Ontario
Dufferin Land Registry (NO. 07) Ontario
Ottawa-Carleton Land Registry (NO.04/05) Ontario
Lanark Land Registry (NO.27) Ontario
Leeds Land Registry (NO.28) Ontario
Lennox Land Registry (NO. 29) Ontario
Russell Land Registry (NO. 50) Ontario
Prince Edward Land Registry (NO.47) Ontario
Glengarry Land Registry (NO. 14) Ontario
Dundas Land Registry (NO. 08) Ontario
Frontenac Land Registry (NO.13) Ontario
Prescott Land Registry (NO.46) Ontario
Renfrew Land Registry (NO. 49) Ontario
Grenville Land Registry (NO.15) Ontario
Stormont Land Registry (NO.52) Ontario
Hastings Land Registry (NO.21) Ontario
Algoma Land Registry (NO.01) Ontario
Cochrane Land Registry (NO. 06) Ontario
Manitoulin Land Registry (NO.31) Ontario
Haliburton Land Registry (NO. 19) Ontario
Lindsay Land Registry (NO. 57) (formerly Victoria) Ontario
Nipissing Land Registry (NO.36) Ontario
Sudbury Land Registry (NO.53) Ontario
Muskoka Land Registry (NO. 35) Ontario
Temiskaming Land Registry (NO. 54) Ontario
Parry Sound Land Registry (NO. 42) Ontario
Peterborough Land Registry (NO. 45) Ontario
Rainy River Land Registry (NO. 48) Ontario
Thunder Bay Land Registry (NO. 55) Ontario
Kenora Land Registry (NO. 23) Ontario
Northumberland Land Registry (NO. 39) Ontario
Wentworth Land Registry (NO. 62) Ontario
Durham Land Registry (NO. 40) Ontario
York Region Land Registry (NO.65) Ontario
Haldimand Land Registry (NO. 18) Ontario
Norfolk Land Registry (NO.37) Ontario
Perth Land Registry (N0. 44) Ontario
Wellington Land Registry (NO. 61) Ontario
Oxford Land Registry (No.41) Ontario
Peel Land Registry (NO. 43) Ontario
Huron Land Registry (NO.22) Ontario
Essex Land Registry ( NO.12) Ontario
Kent Land Registry (NO. 24) Ontario
Middlesex Land Registry (NO.33) Ontario