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Speedy Search & Registry - #1 Title Search Company in Canada providing fast affordable titles searches across Canada. Order online or by phone at

EXPERT LAND TITLE SEARCHERS - Are you looking for Land Titles in Canada? Allow us to help you find exactly the information you need! Our highly trained team of experts can provide land title searches

We specialize in searching for ACTIVE and HISTORICAL Land Title information.

Search the Land Registry Offices by:
- Legal Description (Lot, Block, Plan)
- Parcel Identifier (PID), LINC, or PIN
- Title Number
- Civic Address or
- By Owner's Name

In addition to providing Land Title Searches, our office can also provide you with Registered Documents and Plot Plans.

Registered Documents that may be of interest includes:
- Transfer Documents
- Mortgage Documents
- Easements, Covenants or Right of Ways and
- Judgements, Liens or other financial charges.

Registered Plans will include information about:
- Property lines
- Dimensions and
- Area of a lot.

Have a question? Please contact us today we will be happy to assist you. Ready to order? Please visit us at and Order Online!



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  • Historical Searches
  • General Public Subsearch re any fraudulent
  • un authorized new mortgages put on your property
  • General Public Subsearch to confirm ownership and outstanding encumbrances
  • Easement Searches
  • Indian Reserve Land Searches
Other services:All land title information can be order online at Title Search results will be delivered in minutes to the email address provided.

Registries SPEEDY SEARCH & REGISTRY Works From

Registry Name Province
New Westminster Land Title Office British Columbia
Winnipeg Land Titles Office Manitoba
Regina Customer Service Centre Saskatchewan
Yukon Land Titles Office Yukon
Northwwest Territories Land Titles Office Northwest Territories
Nunavut Land Titles Office Nunavut
Haldimand Land Registry (NO. 18) Ontario
Huron Land Registry (NO.22) Ontario
Kenora Land Registry (NO. 23) Ontario
Kent Land Registry (NO. 24) Ontario
Lambton Land Registry (NO. 25) Ontario
Leeds Land Registry (NO.28) Ontario
Lennox Land Registry (NO. 29) Ontario
Edmonton Land Title Office Alberta
Saint Johns County Land Registry (Saint John, New Brunswick) New Brunswick
Charlotte County Land Registry (St Stephen, New Brunswick) New Brunswick
Kings County Land Registry (Hampton, New Brunswick) New Brunswick
Restigouche County Land Registry (Campbellton, New Brunswick) New Brunswick
York County Land Registry (Fredericton, New Brunswick) New Brunswick
Dundas Land Registry (NO. 08) Ontario
Grey Land Registry (NO.16) Ontario
Halton Land Registry (NO.20) Ontario
Hastings Land Registry (NO.21) Ontario
Registry of Deeds, (St. John's, Newfoundland) Newfoundland
Halifax County Nova Scotia
Charlottetown Registry of Deeds Prince Edward Island
Algoma Land Registry (NO.01) Ontario
Brant Land Registry (NO.02) Ontario
Bruce Land Registry (NO. 03) Ontario
Dufferin Land Registry (NO. 07) Ontario
Durham Land Registry (NO. 40) Ontario
Elgin Land Registry (NO.11) Ontario
Essex Land Registry ( NO.12) Ontario
Frontenac Land Registry (NO.13) Ontario
Glengarry Land Registry (NO. 14) Ontario
Grenville Land Registry (NO.15) Ontario
Metropolitan Toronto Land Registry (No. 64 & 66) Ontario
Calgary Land Title Office Alberta
Victoria Land Title Office British Columbia
Kamloops Land Title Office British Columbia
Lindsay Land Registry (NO. 57) (formerly Victoria) Ontario
Middlesex Land Registry (NO.33) Ontario
Niagara North (NO. 30) and Niagara South (NO. 59) Land Registries Ontario
Norfolk Land Registry (NO.37) Ontario
Northumberland Land Registry (NO. 39) Ontario
Ottawa-Carleton Land Registry (NO.04/05) Ontario
Oxford Land Registry (No.41) Ontario
Parry Sound Land Registry (NO. 42) Ontario
Peel Land Registry (NO. 43) Ontario
Perth Land Registry (N0. 44) Ontario
Peterborough Land Registry (NO. 45) Ontario
Prescott Land Registry (NO.46) Ontario
Prince Edward Land Registry (NO.47) Ontario
Renfrew Land Registry (NO. 49) Ontario
Simcoe Land Registry (NO. 51) Ontario
Stormont Land Registry (NO.52) Ontario
Thunder Bay Land Registry (NO. 55) Ontario
Waterloo Land Registry (NO. 58) Ontario
Wellington Land Registry (NO. 61) Ontario
Wentworth Land Registry (NO. 62) Ontario
York Region Land Registry (NO.65) Ontario
Bureau de la publicité des droits de Montréal Quebec
Russell Land Registry (NO. 50) Ontario